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The former reality star slammed the claims after pictures of the two surfaced on Instagram. First of all, I didn't f--k nobody but I don't f--k married men." Back in September, news broke that Wiz Khalifa and his wife of one year, Amber Rose, would be getting a divorce. Rumors began to swirl of their budding romance after a friend of Deelishis shared a photo of her and the rapper with an interesting caption. Rose reportedly caught the Blacc Hollywood rapper in bed with twins sisters. It really makes you wonder what legal lines have been crossed because they speak as two people who are really “intimate.” Look at the pics and you tell me. Deelishis can even be found getting jealous like common #Fish on one of his threads when he posted a pic of him and another girl.Even after all these pics, one could still say that perhaps Deelishis is doing some weird publicity stunt or she’s doing a good deed by making him popular right?

These Old Tramps calling themselves cougars to relive some years that never happened is getting to be a bit too much to take. It's a place she goes to." Last month, Rose tweeted about the divorce saying, "The pain...It all began when the former Flavor of Love star accompanied a young man to his high school prom. Delishis’ mess on the floor like they were sorting a months worth of dirty clothes.That’s what i said too, but the young man has a daughter about the same age as Deelishis’ daughter and they seem to be playing some weird version of “House.”I’m still trying to believe this is some sort of joke. Like a way to make a youngster popular, but I just don’t find it very funny, or a healthy way of going about it.This is a grown woman, and he is obviously a little boy.

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