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The head of state also noted that the redenomination which is, probably, considered an unpopular event to a certain extent will take place in the run-up to the parliamentary elections. The republic of poland (c) Redenomination: Notwithstanding the other provisions of these Conditions, with effect from the Redenomination Date: (i) the Notes shall be deemed to be redenominated into euro in the denomination of euro 0.01 with a ... Berezino regional executive committee - Lukashenko stresses... And statesmen always think about the prospects and development of the state, Alexander Lukashenko said.A private company may reduce its share capital using a new solvency statement procedure.

Data for the previous year have been brought in line accordingly. (6) A resolution under this section may specify conditions which must be met before the redenomination takes effect. DOC7 An Interpretation of Conversion, Rounding and Redenomination is a one-off event for each monetary amount, usually taking place towards the end of a transition period. As part of redenomination, this threshold might be smoothed perhaps to 12,700. Singapore Statutes Online - 50 - Companies Act (3) The redenomination must be made at a spot rate of exchange specified in the resolution. (5) The day or period specified for the purposes of subsection (4) must be within the period of 28 days ending on the day before the resolution is passed. The question is how correctly the contracts will be concluded with local authorities and budget recipients. anas likums Redenomination of Equity Capital Stocks (Shares) of Capital Companies (1) Denomination of equity capital stocks (shares) from lats to euro shall be performed, preserving the current proportion among the current owners of the company and minimising changes in the equity capital. Redenomination of Debt Securities (1) The requirements of this Section shall apply to debt securities denominated in lats, registered in the Latvian Central Depository. 10,000 would translate, according to the EC conversion and rounding rules, to a euro threshold of 12,697.38. President signed decree Concerning the redenomination of the official currency of the Republic of Belarus. Republic | Korma Region | Korma | Korma News MINSK, 21 March (Bel TA) It is too early to talk about redenomination in Belarus, Chairperson of the Board of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (NBRB) Nadezhda Yermakova said in the Respublika newspapers phone-in. Keeping in mind the previous depreciation of the national currency and last years inflation level, it is too early to talk about any redenomination in the country. 10 President signed decree Concerning the redenomination... State of israel | Redenomination Redenomination: The applicable Pricing Supplement may specify that certain Notes may be redenominated in euro. (iv) after the Redenomination Date, all payments in respect of the Notes (other than payments of interest in respect of periods commencing before the Redenomination Date) will be made solely in euro, unless the Redenomination Date is on or after such date as the Specified Currency ceases to be a sub-division of the euro.

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