Updating website using ftp in windows

Now, you’ll click the Turn Windows features on/off link, then expand Internet Information Services.

You will check the FTP Server option and after expanding FTP Server, you will check the FTP Extensibility option.

Yesterday I asked how to choose an FTP client to update my website.

The site has a contacts page and it redirects messages left there to our home e Mail address.

I've just changed the home e Mail ISP and address, so I need to update the contact page. I got some helpful answers, mainly recommending File Zilla so far.) I downloaded the File Zilla Client, entered the web site address, FTP username and password, and up came the files in the right pane under "filename." I was advised yesterday to right-click on a file and then choose edit, and hunt for where the old e Mail address appears.

When I right-click on a file in the second pane down on the right, the list moves up to the top right pane where there isn't a "view/edit" option.

In order to create an FTP site on Windows 10, which will be used to send and receive files, follow these instructions: For various PC problems, we recommend to use this tool.

It’s very easy to build one, and users will have full control of the server.

They will even create multiple accounts so their friends and family will have access to those files.

Today, we’ll teach you how to install an FTP server on a Windows 10 PC.

These are the steps that you’ll need to follow to install an FTP server on your computer running on Windows 10: Click and hold down the Windows key X keyboard shortcut and when the Power User menu will appear, you will select Programs and Features.

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Some servers may also allow anonymous logins using guest or an e-mail address.

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