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It is a large file and will take a considerable time to acquire. tag=mncol If youve never booted from a CD or DVD on your system, then follow the outlined steps.

If you already know how then just skip the next paragraph.

If it does not then something went wrong in the formating process, but don't worry, you can still go to the Disk Utility and try it again. If you do not, your install probably will not work.

(Please note that in this photo an external hard drive icon is used, unless you are installing on an external drive, a hard drive icon should appear). After you click install the "Install Summary" page should show up. The Customize screen will show you several options that you will need to select or de-select based on your own hardware configuration.

For instance, if the Apple updater pops up and says that you can update from 10.5.5 to 10.5.6 DO NOT UPGRADE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!Once the installation is complete a green circle with a checkmark comes up saying that the Installation was successful. Also alot of your problems can be solved by just searching them on google.You will need to restart the computer (I think it may do it automatically if you are not around) and after it goes through the Darwin Bootloader, another Apple loading screen appears: Now all you need to do is set up the Leopard Basics.. Thanks for your intrest dot forget to rate and subscribe.little help please When I boot from DVD, press f8, then -v I can see error which says "Fire Wire unable to determine security mode" Then "still waiting for root device" I have PC with AMD Athlon 3200 procesor Try turning off your Fire Wire ports in your BIOS menu.The link shown above is part of the i Deneb website.If you have further problems with this particular distro, consult that website and the forums at Insanely Mac.(Also, when first booting the DVD at the part where it prompts with "press any key . ." press F8 and then -v in order to boot in diagnostic mode. You need to format the hard drive at this point in the installation. Click on your hard drive (Not any partitions you may have, see below - its in the right hand column) and then click the erase tab: Click on the Volume Format drop down menu. You may be able to use another type, but I know for a fact that that does indeed work.

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