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Usually, you'll need to call the following class methods to create your backstage view: Please note that our Application Wizards were updated and now, when you're creating a new, Ribbon-based application, you can choose "Backstage view" option (see screenshot) and initial backstage view code will be automatically generated for your pleasure! To use this new theme in your application just activate CBCGPVisual Manager2010: CBCGPVisual Manager:: Set Default Manager (RUNTIME_CLASS (CBCGPVisual Manager2010)); Please run BCGPMSOffice2007Demo or BCGPOrganizer to see this feature in action.Please read the following new article to learn how to use Ribbon Designer.Please run BCGPVisual Studio GUIDemo example to examine this new fresh look!The new 3D charts support software and hardware (Open GL-based) rendering.

Also, please visit our new Charts Gallery and see how many professional and nice-looking charts you can create using our toolkit.IMPORTANT: if you're using Metro UI Tiles component in your application, please make all required renames in the code.Other Win UI Tiles changes: This control is fully-customizable, so you can use it with your own images, textured brushes and custom shapes (see screenshot).The main Chart controller (CBCGPChart Visual Object) provides the following helpers to allow you to add Chart Objects quickly using the following methods: Add Chart Object, Add Chart Text Object, Add Chart Line Object, Add Chart Range Object and Add Chart Axis Mark Object.Just activate CBCGPVisual Manager2010 to use these new themes in your application: CBCGPVisual Manager:: Set Default Manager (RUNTIME_CLASS (CBCGPVisual Manager2010)); Please run BCGPMSOffice2007Demo, Draw Cli or BCGPOrganizer to see this feature in action.

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