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Members of the military community, men and women, were all dressed up for the grand occasion.

Wearing dry cleaned uniforms, jackets decorated with medals, well-pressed pants, black shiny boots looking like mirrors, proud men serving their country.

One of them was a single mother of one boy, the other married with two boys -- and her husband and children were away for the weekend.

Line is a cute French lady with short dark hair, a single mother wearing glasses.

Line turned her head and met Renee's lips with repeated kisses.

A gold medal is pinned above the left breast pocket of her uniform -- an award for twelve years of dedicated service without any incidents.While savouring their three-course dinners along with glasses of wine and flutes of champagne, soldiers of all ranks were having conversations of all kinds.What nobody noticed was two women sitting beside each other, talking about their monotonous lives at home.While delivering goods to a warehouse daily, Line deals with Renee regarding all the paperwork.They became friends, and on that cold winter night at the Mess Dinner, they made sure they sat next to each other.

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