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However, because Instagram filters lack the ability to customize exactly how the images will be altered, using these filters can actually lower the quality of your photographs.

If you want to create photographs with high-quality post-editing, it is much better to use photo-editing software that has more customization features.

Step 4: (Optional) The cropping tool on Instagram forces all photos to have a 1:1 dimensional ratio, or more simply put, to be square-shaped. Step 5: Go to File According to Webstagram, Earlybird is the most popular Instagram filter after Normal. This will render an artificial lighting effect that looks like a light bulb is located directly above the image.

Unless you want your photo to look exactly like an Instagram photo, feel free to skip this step. Change the number in the Height box so that it is identical to the number in the Width box (i.e., give it a 1:1 ratio). The Earlybird filter adds sepia and yellow photo effects, as well as a soft blur and dramatic vignetting (darker edges and corners). Drag the circle so that the sides touch the edge of the photo.

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But not everyone can pull off a selfie, and those who do should probably take them sparingly, if academic research is to be believed.

Using the slider, change the opacity so that the center of the photo is just slightly over-exposed, and the corners of the photo are a bit dark. Step 4: Click Photo Filter in the Adjustments menu.

Unless you have an amazing computer, you might want to close all other programs except for this window.

Photoshop tends to be unkind to older computers that don’t have gobs of RAM.

The filters that come with Instagram do a great job of altering the mood or tone of photographs.

They also add a flare of drama to otherwise boring images.

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