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The source code is compiled and tested in my dev environment. Can somebody give me regular expression (for Microsoft VBScript Regular Expressions 5.5) for checking correct name of file being saved in Windows XP Proffessional? And to answer your question, you can make this thread 'Solved' by going to 'Thread Tools' near the top of the page, and choosing 'Mark Thread Solved'. Recently I was looking for a regular expression to validate a file path and extension.I found several of them on Google but none of them fit my requirement.

$"); public void do Post( Http Servlet Request request, Http Servlet Response response) Be aware that any Java Script input validation performed on the client can be bypassed by an attacker that disables Java Script or uses a Web Proxy.

However, do Post()requests passes all of its data, of unlimited length.

A do Get() request is appended to the request URL in a query string and this allows the exchange is visible to the client, whereas a do Post() request passes directly over the socket connection as part of its HTTP request body and the exchange are invisible to the client.

Free-form text, especially with Unicode characters, is perceived as difficult to validate due to a relatively large space of characters that need to be whitelisted.

It's also free-form text input that highlights the importance of proper context-aware output encoding and quite clearly demonstrates that input validation is not the primary safeguards against Cross-Site Scripting — if your users want to type apostrophe (') or less-than sign ( References: Input validation of free-form Unicode text in Python Developing regular expressions can be complicated, and is well beyond the scope of this cheat sheet.

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