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Joe Monti is a literary agent with the Barry Goldblatt Literary Agency.His clients include SFWA members Jenn Reese (“The publishing guidelines are traditionally for readers from ages 8-12 for middle grade and 12 & up for YA.

I mean, it could easily have been 100 pages shorter. I’m one of those girls who love when a book evokes that kind of emotion in me, and Hannah’s books do just that.

The protagonist reacts to external situations and events, which leads to adventurous stories, and there is little time spent in the characters’ heads. On the other hand, YA is often much more introspective, and the protagonist exerts their influence on the events in the novel.

Think first person perspective and lots of use of the word ‘I’.

To help writers figure out what makes a middle grade a middle grade, and what makes a young adult a young adult, we’ve put together this post to outline the basics. We’re members of SFWA’s newest experiment, a special interest group focusing on SFWA members who write MG and YA sci-fi and fantasy.

We’ve surveyed our editors and agents to ask them how they define MG and YA, and in this post we’re sharing their thoughts with you.

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