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Several participants indicated they divulged more about themselves to online partners than to their wives or husbands."We started chatting about life, our marriage, what we like to eat, what sexual positions we like the best," wrote one man to Mileham.But some used this form of effortless escapism while their spouse was in the room, she said.

Priming myself not to lie or deceive, I set up a profile.Millions of adulterous users of the website Ashley Madison – which bills itself as a dating site for married people – have spent this week worrying about having their membership and their cheating secrets revealed after a group calling itself Impact Team hacked into their profiles.Some commentators have rejoiced in what they see as a deserved comeuppance for those who have been indulging in digital infidelity, while others argue the users are victims of a grave breach of privacy."We are hearing from therapists around the country reporting online sexual activity to be a major cause of marital problems," Cooper said."We need to better understand the contributing factors if we are going to be able to warn people about the slippery slope that starts with online flirting and too often ends in divorce." With the exception of two of the study's participants, all hid their online activities from their spouses, often "chatting" after their husbands or wives had gone to sleep, Mileham said.

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