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Understandably, there’s been a gold rush to uncover more of these kinds of returns, which has led to massive growth in the crypto market. An ICO, or initial coin offering, is sort of like an initial public offering, but with a crypto twist and without the regulatory hoops to jump through, although this could be changing in a big way (more on that in a bit).In fact, there are more than 800 different cryptocurrencies out there right now, according to Coin Market In the simplest terms, an ICO is a fundraising means in which a company attracts investors looking for the next big crypto score by releasing its own digital currency in exchange, typically, for bitcoin.Having in mind the pace of the blockchain revolution, it is hard to grasp how come we do not have such working and reliable solution today. The ICO started on 4 of December and in only 7 hours the soft cap has been reached.This is quite an achievement showing strong interest from all over the world. There is also an exchange and safe storage of your crypto capital.Tokia direct debit card allows using virtual currencies in everyday life seamlessly converting their virtual assets into traditional fiat currencies at the moment of payment.

There has NEVER been an easier way to buy, sell and spend Bitcoin.

“Retail investors should tread carefully with ICOs if not avoid them altogether,” Bogart warned.

“This entire ICO model is still very much experimental.

Investors from 73 countries have already supported Tokia in its first stage of ICO. These are the most important aspects of this crypto business that very few desire to deal with.

Solving all the current issues which come to radical inconvenience to buy or spend your Bitcoin will make things brighter.

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