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In the week following their trip they had managed to form a closer relationship.They were still a bit cautious with one another but they were a lot more honest and open with one another.After all when you're the son of Tony Stark, the one and only Iron Man, life is bound to be interesting.Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or the Avengers. Chapter 8: The Timely Demise of the Dursleys Two weeks.Since they were being honest with one another Tony admitted to Harry that he was in fact punishing the Dursleys for their treatment of Harry. He had always dreamed of getting back at them, and the fact that Tony cared enough to want to punish the Dursleys for him was incredible to Harry. The two of them had giggled over the videos of the pranks that Tony had played on the Dursleys.Tony continued to assure him that what the Dursleys had done to him was cruel and was meant to hurt him, and it was only right that they were punished for it.Sure he'd been skeptical for a few days even after the long discussion and the numerous books he'd read on the subject.His path towards acceptance was also helped along a great deal by him watching the clips of Thor's little trip to New Mexico.

Harry could tell he was used to people clamoring for his attention everywhere he went, and was a little put out by the fact that he didn't receive the same reaction from wizards. The chance to spend a normal day with Pepper and Tony without worrying about paparazzi, both muggle and magical was a dream come true to Harry."I'm just telling you because I wanted to know if you wanted to come with."Harry was surprised by the offer."I don't know if it's something that a normal person would offer, letting their kid watch their recently discovered father send their idiot relatives to jail.But I think that it's something you deserve to see, if you want to that is.They either turn themselves in to the police or allow me to continue tormenting them," said Tony grinning wolfishly."You're going to send them to prison?" Harry had always known that what the Dursleys had done to him was wrong, he had just never thought that what they had done was worthy of actual jail time."Yup, that's where they deserve to be.

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