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Most personal loans are made for three to five years.

Unlike loans from family or friends, lending institutions thoroughly vet an applicant.

Additionally, this is a good option when the lender offers lower interest than you are currently paying (or no interest) and a repayment schedule that you can afford, even if it takes you several years to pay off your debt.

Show them that you can afford to pay them back and how you plan to do that, including highlighting budget areas that you have already cut back or are willing to cut back.Whether or not this is a possibility for you depends on several factors, namely – are you close with someone who has the financial capability to loan you money and be flexible with the repayment amount and term?Do you feel comfortable asking your family or friends for money?In this case, that’s only 0: still worth filling out the application.If you are interested in pursuing balance transfer debt consolidation, go online and shop for “low interest credit cards” or “zero percent credit cards.” You don’t need to wait for an offer to show up in your mailbox.

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