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However, I agree it is ridiculous to have a dedicated module for that one function.For most nontrivial projects I just include lodash, which contains tons and tons of handy utility functions that save time and provide efficient, fast implementations of solutions for common tasks.That said, I work with Java, Clojure and Python mostly so I may be more used to having a huge standard library to lean on than is typical.Usually, dependency hell doesn't bite you, until it does.There isn't the same restriction on any other platformc) Npm makes it really easy to publish/consume modulesd) And because of c) the community is going "all in" with the approach. Problems like today can help because they highlight the issues, and the community can optimise to avoid them.Everyone likes to bash the JS community around, we know that. But there many JS developers working happily every day with their lots of tiny modules and being hugely productive.I retract my previous statements that Javascript programmers are going down the same enterprise-y mess that Java programmers went down a decade ago. But check out this PR that fixes an edge case: fact of the matter is: every line of code I write myself is a commitment: more to keep in mind, more to test, more to worry about.

Everything in this article is categorically wrong and antithetical to every principle of good programming ever articulated.

For front end development, this makes perfect sense.

Somewhere along the line, front end developers forgot about closure compiler, decided lodash was too big, and decided to do manual tree shaking by breaking code into modules.

We don't use tiny modules because we're lazy or can't program, we use them because we're interested in a grand experiment of distributing coding effort across the community.

I can't necessarily defend some of the micro modules being cited as ridiculous in this thread, but you can't judge an entire approach by the most extreme examples.

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