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I could never handle a man who can't deal with gas bills, do a load of washing or deal with real life.

One friend's ex admitted to me that he'd only move out of his family home "when I meet the right girl and move in with her." Once the harsh reality of post-parental life sets in, you don't want to be left holding the laundry bag.

LIVES WITH HIS PARENTSUnless you and he are 18 and at university, approach with extreme caution.

Several girlfriends of mine have fallen into the trap of dating a guy who moved back with mum and dad "to save for a flat" ... Their mums cooked, cleaned and did everything for them except breast-feed, while they lived in a blissful, rent-free cocoon.

You know you're in trouble when every conversation turns into a monologue, and when the only thing he asks you is for your opinion — "as a woman" — on his personal crises.

It's acceptable to admit that he needs help, but, as an essential ingredient of successful dating is an element of mystery, I'd suggest that help comes from a qualified professional.

SPENDS MORE TIME GETTING READY THAN YOU DONo one wants a man who spends more time wielding tweezers than wooing his woman.As my mum always says, boys come and go — but good girlfriends are for ever.FLIRTS WITH YOUR FRIENDS (OR EVEN WORSE, YOUR MUM)When it comes to meeting the parents, a little bit of flattery equals a lot of gold stars.Moisturiser and conditioner are OK, but there is a limit.A good litmus test of an acceptable level of metrosexuality is the hairdryer (and don't even get me started on straighteners...)Of course, he might be able to convince you that he loves you more than his reflection, but let's face it, the sexiest men are those who remain a little rough around the edges.

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Besides, few deep psychological problems get solved at the end of Happy Hour.

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