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When I checked, the awed expression on his face and in his eyes confirmed that my efforts were being well received.I swooned again at the affirmation and returned to worshipping his whole being with my mouth and hands, whimpering my deeply emotional response.

When he re-emerged, I nodded for him to follow me to a more secluded restroom near the unoccupied indoor pool.

I guess instinct or maybe past life experience took over as I unconsciously guarded my teeth with my lips and twirled my tongue lovingly around the tapered head, tasting the salty sweetness of his natural lubricant.

The taste of him had me swooning and my mouth watering as I took that head directly into my throat without gagging and gripped it tightly with my throat muscles. " had me grabbing at it with my throat until I finally had to back off slightly for air.

It’s spring time, and many of us big guys are feeling the need to sow some wild oats, recover from that winter hibernation, and find a bear, cub or chaser that can help relieve that pent-up tension.

Last time we offered our chasers a look into a fling with a big man, and now it’s time for six secrets that every chub needs to know before starting their spring fling!

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  1. Jeg er altid frisk på at prøve grænser af og få nye hede oplevelser. Så vil Da lige prøve og se og hører om der skulle være nogen derude som vil mødes.. Efter fyraften vil LUNA og NATALIE lege frække lege med dig så du tigger om mere.