Candidating for ministry

Then, make whatever point you wish about this, if any.

2) What is your church’s position on (fill in the blank; some issue important to you personally)?

What questions would you ask the chairman in private?

You could go anywhere with this question, but should limit it to one or two issues of great weight to you.

Somewhere in the archives of our website, I’m sure we’ve dealt with this subject.

However, with over 2,000 articles and no index of these things, I suggest that they google “Mc Keever (subject),” and see what comes up.

A new pastor needs to know the expectations of the members. This is a big deal with many ministers and not so much with others. In college football, if the new coach follows a fellow who had not won a game in five years, the expectations are low and he is free to try different things.

7) Has your church ever had to discipline a member? In either case, you would like to know the answer to this question. 12) What in particular made you interested in me as a candidate? This concerns their expectations and will reveal how much or how little they know you. If, however, he is following Nick Saban at Alabama, the expectations are sky high and almost no allowance for failure is given.

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You’re looking for stumps in this field you may be asked to plow.

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