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If anyone has thoughts or advice, please share your experience. Hi Saiyed, I am not a medical expert, but a teacher for students with visual impairments.

I would definitely recommend seeking the advice of an ophthalmologist.

I completely agree with you that my past work and references should able to help me in finding new job.

Although I have been focusing on my work and not give up in finding better opportunity, I always feel discomfort in looking at others eye to eye contact during meetings and presenting ideas because of my current eye condition.

I don't feel any depth perception problem although I need to turn my head right to see any objects on my right side.

I do have double vision although I ignore the other image as it doesn't interfere much.

Hi Shannon, Thanks much for your response and sharing your opinion.Now, from my limited experience with adult esotropia, it is much more difficult to correct than childhood esotropia because patching is no longer considered effective in retraining muscles.Surgery is usually necessary to correct adult esotropia, though prism correction can also be effective. They said the left eye has vision like 200 or something, meaning cannot see much without the glasses, but the glasses did not straighten the eye.I don't remember what one of my surgeons in Toronto called it but essentially when my eyelid is supposed to go down ~slightly (when I look to the right) my eyelid goes waaaay down, and when I look toward my nose, my eyelid opens up very far, more than what my normal eye does.I don't know the word for this either but I cannot use both of my eyes to see at the same time.

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