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Montserrat walks toward the church steps, Romina balanced on her left hip, Laurito holding tight to her right hand. "Take as much time as you want," says Rosario softly. "I know Esmeralda and Ángel have a long path to travel, but they'll be very happy because I'll be taking care of them from here. A familiar figure clad in white, his left arm in a sling, joins her mid-aisle. Rosario emerges from the church and approaches her daughter-in-law. She takes the children from Montserrat and begins the deliberate climb back up the church steps. I'll wait as long as I need to for the three of us to be together again." The image of José Luis blurs again. Peddy gives him a hint and tells JL that Romina is in the right cage. JL runs to the first cage on the right and sees Romina, then he runs to the second. This seems like a bad way to start a relationship, also I'm pretty sure this is how stalkers are born, Im just saying... He tells her that not one day goes by that his son doesn't think about her. I lost my life suffering the death of my son and then the the death of my wife. Eric is in the town square singing as Esme and Regino walk into the square. So Padre Anselmo tears open the envelope and reads the contents. "You were right -- Kevin isn't your son." What is Macario going to do? But when Montse and the children walk away, she raises her head. What good taste his father had to marry the prettiest woman in Aguazul, he says. He needs to pick one cage cause he can only save one child. Erick won't let a little thing like a dead person keep him from telling Esme that he cares for her and that he is willing to wait as long as is necessary for her to care for him too. I'm not asking you to reciprocate his feeling, just that you keep in contact with him. I just wished that things would have ended differently. But he will always be in our hearts and we will never forget him. I know you don't love me A very harried and hurried Padre Anselmo shows up at Macario's door. The problem is that he can't understand the results. For a moment he looks like an aged child on the verge of tears. Lauro walks up to the pathetic woman whose face is concealed under her matted, straw-like hair and puts the coins in her trembling hands. Kevin is already smitten with Dominga, already thinking of her as his mom.She quickens her pace as she nears the casket that stands in front of the altar. She touches the smooth surface of the polished wood coffin and then raises its lid. A shadowy image of José Luis, clad in white and walking along the beach, emerges. José Luis smiles as he recognizes another white-clad figure approaching from the opposite direction. She exhales to let go of the tension she is feeling. It's very emotional and Josefina looks beautiful, but also flustered and not quite sure of what his presence means, seemingly understanding but simultaneously afraid to hope, too. They kiss again and vow to love one another forever. Montserrat shuts the lid of the coffin, leaving a single white flower on its surface, and then turns around and walks back up the aisle.Dimitrio looks nervous but is clearly desperate to say something to her. Padre Anselmo, robed in purple for the funeral mass, watches her from the altar. They smile gently at one another and look back towards Padre Anselmo and the body of José Luis Álvarez.

[It is not Montserrat's fault that someone chose to put her in a low-cut cocktail dress.].Was feeling very relaxed tonight, so I did the search.) But Dimitrio soon moves on from this niche to another: the one that holds the remains of his former boss and beloved novia, Captain Mónica Rentería. But she doesn't expect anything in return and accepts that Mónica was the love of his life. Josefina says she understands and that, in some ways, she and Dimitrio are the same because she can never forget Adolfo, either. She says something else to, but I was taking notes fast on the fly and now I can't read my own handwriting!She approaches Dimitrio and asks how he's feeling, but he seems more worried about her and asks how she's feeling instead. Dimitrio takes this in and admits that, yes, Mónica, is, WAS, the most important person for him. I THINK she says that it's important to go forward in life, but even if she doesn't, I can definitely read my next note.[If you listen very hard, you can hear Urban, elna june and Elvira kibitzing in the background.] By the way, we loved Act 2 so much, we decided to give you two different versions of it. Ale finally tells Peddy it was not he that was driving the truck that hit Peddy and made him avocado less, it was that coward Benny. Regino (Eric's father) finds Esme in the cementery. He says he's going to buy the kid ice cream because that is what grandfathers do. I promise to care for him like he was my blood grandson. Kevin watches and when Macario and Dominga finish, Macario asks if Kevin is going to give him a hug, too.Ale doesn't want the children to pay for something Peddy thinks Ale did all those years ago. And if one day you allow yourself to accept the love of my son.... He doesn't notice her at first but stops when he sees her. Dimitrio is staring at and maybe even praying a little in front of the columbarium niche that holds the remains of his father, Admiral Lauro Mendoza.

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